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When you certify as an AntiGravity Fitness Instructor you will be able to:

A Certified AntiGravity Instructor (CAGI) is unlike any other instructor in the fitness world. That’s because CAGIs do more than simply teach moves in a fun group fitness class. Assisted by the AntiGravity Hammock, they facilitate three-dimensional movement that unlocks hidden potentials.


New ways of moving have profound effects on our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Science shows that when the mind is exposed to new possibilities, new neural pathways are created. Neurons that “fire together wire together.” The brain changes and adapts (neural plasticity); you literally see and experience things differently. Not only are you getting fit and healthy, but you are also opening up new possibilities in your life. That’s why AntiGravity is truly transformational.

  • Start teaching AntiGravity Fitness classes right away.

  • Inspire confidence—and cultivate fun and enthusiasm in your classes.

  • Expertly guide students through three-dimensional sequences in space using the AntiGravity Hammock and proven techniques.

  • Facilitate the opening up of space, in both body and mind, for real benefits on all levels: physical (mobility, strength, tone), mental (memory, clarity, intuition), emotional (confidence, well-being), and spiritual (connection to self, earth, others).

  • Assist students in breaking through personal challenges—and discovering their untapped potentials.

All of this, and much more, is built into the AntiGravity Fundamentals Instructor Training. When you become certified, you are ready to engage people at all levels of fitness and guide them to personal breakthroughs—all the while sustaining a high level of excitement, group engagement, and motivation. Your certification will be valid for two years and renewing it is easy.

Experience the joy of helping people overcome limitations to discover the greater physical, mental, and emotional health.

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