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tame life corporate wellness events
Corporate Wellness Events


儘管在線上提供了大量有關如何啟動和發展業務的信息和建議,但從本質上講,所有這些信息和建議都是通用的,並不特定於您的獨特業務。 另一方面,商務教練能夠提供更有價值的東西-個性化的定制建議。




About Tamer Harrison

For the past 15 years, Tamer has been working in the physical education, coaching, and fitness industries. With a Bachelors's degree in public health, and as a master trainer in the fitness industry, he is thrilled to inspire people to live the physically active, mentally inspired life they dream to create. 


As the director and founder of his wellness startup company, Tame Life Limited, he holds international teacher training and retreat events, online coaching workshops, and supports businesses and people with unique biohacking and wellness technology products.


  • Westminster College, SLC, USA, Bachelors of Science in Public Health

  • AntiGravity® Fitness Master Instructor Trainer

  • Robbins Madanes Core 100 Certified

  • Tony Robbins Life Mastery Graduate

  • Legacy Lululemon Ambassador Hong Kong IFC

  • Center For Transformational Coaching, Deep Coaching Intensive, Group Certified

  • International Thai Massage Certified, ITM Chiang Mai




  • The Loop 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs In Hong Kong

  • Featured in SCMP as the leader of AntiGravity® Fitness APAC

  • Featured in Lifestyle Asia as Influencer of the Aerial Yoga expansion in Asia

  • Featured in CEO Magazine as Fitness Business Developer in Hong Kong

  • Featured in Destination Deluxe with FlexBeam Red Light Therapy new product launch

  • Featured in Compare Retreats with Tame Life Retreats as top day retreat in Hong Kong

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