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Tame Your Blockages and Reawaken Your Power

This program was designed to provide you with the psychology to Tame (change, improve, progress, transform) any aspect of your life, while supporting you with the science backed methods for creating your most authentic self.


Each part was carefully crafted to support the individual journey of self discovery and follows a sequential step by step framework to expand self awareness, eliminate any and all shame, reclaim lost personal power, cultivate the abundance of your dreams, and an integration and embodiment a new story and standard for your life.


Part 1: Becoming Self Aware: This is the first step towards any transformational life journey and is usually the hardest one to make. Self awareness and the daily commitment to attuning to this deeper state of being requires having a real dive into where you currently are in life, As unsexy and rational as you can become of what in your life do you currency want to Tame, Change, Improve, make Progress towards, or Manifest. The first step towards experiencing a more fulfilling life is found within self awareness.


Part 2: Eliminating the Shame: In order to live life fully on your terms and in alignment with your highest potential and in your destiny, you must be willing to eliminate all of the past, shame, childhood events, unresolved guilt, and family lineage negative energy that is trying everyday to pull you down. Referred to as pain body, darkness, shadow side, or demons, these practices to eliminate that which is energetically, spiritually, mentally, and physically holding you back must be tamed. 


Part 3: Reclaiming your Power: When there is nothing else holding you back, an incredible shift begins to happen. And, in order to fully expand on this new possible way of being requires taking all lost power that was intentionally taken or willingly given away. Walking confidently in your own personal power and practicing the principles to regularly reclaim and untame your power is the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical energy it requires to fully Tame Your Life. 


Part 4: Becoming Abundance: Now that the foundation has been laid and energy is flowing towards this new compelling future, the next natural progression is to step up and into what living an abundant life actually looks like on a daily basis. The work shifts back into reaffirming anything that could potentially detract you from being abundance which is why Forgive ourselves and our past, Reconnect to ourselves and our community, and Accept life for how it is right now with this new destiny. 


Part 5: Embodiment of the new Tamed Life: What are the identity and beliefs that we can now embody from this state? Who do you wish to become in the future? What do your relationships look like? What does your financial situation look like? How do you serve the world by committing to your new mission? This is where we solidify the new empowered and unabashed upgraded version of yourself and bring it to life. Get ready because life will never be the same again. 


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