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what does it mean to tame life?

“Tame the lion within, and Experience a new way of living.”

For the past 7 years, I have been dreaming my brand called Tame Life into being. Now as the director of my company, Tame Life is my vessel for serving and adding value to my communities. We focus on building community and sharing AntiGravity Fitness teacher training and aerial yoga certificate courses, wellness events and workshops, online and private coaching, unique retreat experiences, and business to business program and development. I am grateful to be able to add value to the fitness, and wellness space because I believe that Health is Wealth, and if we can give this gift to somebody, it can be life transformative.

As a student of quantum physics and the power of our mind, I believe it is our duty to seek a path of discovery and self-balance between our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. I believe that our thoughts create our reality. Learning how to Tame Your Mind is one of our core principles.

Nature and our connection to the earth, plus the daily remembrance of our existence within the universe is how I remember my north star. Both our outer and inner work is required in order to experience real healing and inner peace. This self-awareness gives us the power to seek that which makes our sing loudest – with as much love, enthusiasm, positive energy, and passion as possible!

Join the Tame Life Tribe today and experience a new way of showing up to life, pursuing your true north, and being the best version of your self -- for yourself, others, humanity, and the earth.

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